Lovelock and Associates has extensive New Zealand wide experience in providing development engineering advice to territorial authorities. Utilising our unique blend of skills and experience we can provide a cost effective, efficient service to supplement in-house staff during heavy work loads or staff shortages.

We endeavour to provide accurate assessment of actual and potential effects of proposed developments and recommend appropriate conditions which reflect local standards and District Plan requirements.


  • Very experienced staff on-call.
  • Minimal admin time – our staff have excellent systems so overhead costs are minimised.
  • Our mobile team can work in seamlessly with your existing staff.
  • No sick days, holiday pay or expensive courses – we are fully trained.
  • Unlike permanent staff we can increase contact hours to ensure timeframes and customers demands are met despite seasonal fluctuations.
  • Existing extensive experience with municipal planning and engineering standards.
  • Knowledge of and ongoing involvement with many development and infrastructure projects including rural and large multi lot peri-urban subdivisions.
  • Experienced and competent relationship management.

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